6-DOF Carbon Fiber and Ultem Manipulator

Outlined Links:

Design Requirements: Thorough outline of important criteria and characteristics that define a successful design.

Previous Years Designs: A brief discussion regarding some of the issues associated with previous designs.

Design Cycle: An overview of decisions made to produce a design that meets the previously outlined requirements.

Anodized 7075 Cycloidal Drive Gears (w/ grease)

Final Design: A discussion of the resulting final design.

Some Assembly Drawings: A sample of some of the assembly drawings of the different arm joints.

Manufacture: Some discussion on the manufacturing methods used and GIFs of 4 axis CAM simulations.

Testing: A brief discussion on testing and scheduling issues.

Current Issues and Solutions: What went wrong, how we planned to fix it and our plan for next year’s design.

3D contouring external features of Shoulder Joint on the 4th axis