About Me

View my most active and most current project here: https://mnsherm.com/cornell-cern-compact-muon-solenoid-revamp/

I’m a senior mechanical engineering student at Cornell University looking for internship opportunities not only for the incredible experience they provide, but also to fulfill my genuine desire to learn and solve advanced, technical problems.

I’m an experienced mechanical designer who has worked both in industry and in academic research groups. I’m the only intern at a previous Co-op to have ever made legitimate intellectual contributions to a patent submission for a revolutionary new product. I’m currently in the process of designing and machining a precision miniature lathe from pearlitic cast iron and epoxy granite. The high-speed spindle, automated feed gearbox, and a program written to electronically couple the spindle and longitudinal feed using rotary encoders were all designed, by me, from scratch. I’ve designed and machined multiple prototypes for the CERN laboratory in Geneva Switzerland and several precision, surface ground toolmaker’s tools.

I commit myself to these projects because I find the science I learn during my research astonishing. Designing or machining even the most basic component can provide a wealth of knowledge. I enjoy the satisfaction which comes from advanced problem solving and need a means to fill my curiosity.