Benchtop CNC Vertical Machining Center

The project is slow rolling but is moving. So far I’m working on:

  • Python script to act as a real-time interpolator to generate velocity profiles to be commanded to each axis.
  • “Voxelization Model” which is just a fancy term for 3D binary grid. This is used to predict cutting forces. Cutting edges are generated and then for each time step a binary check is run to see if a “cutting edge voxel” overlaps with a “workpiece voxel”. If so, perform some orthogonal cutting model analysis at the interface and delete the overlapping workpiece voxel.
  • The combination of velocity commands and cutting forces will be fed into a rigid-body-dynamics simulation in ANSYS. This model will be comprised of simplified bearings, linear trucks, screws, and machine tables. Using RBD joints, model will form the basis for sizing components like bearings, ballscrews, motors, linear trucks, etc.
  • I’ve also spoken to a manufacture of proprietary Epoxy Granite mix, used to manufacture optical equipment and CMMs who is willing to pour granite into molds I make for pennies on the dollar, which is extremely excited. This almost was the most difficult part because it’s so empirical. Trying to formulate an ideal EG blend is really pretty impossible analytically. The time and resources required to purchase, test, and iterate would make the project more than doubly difficult.